Iam trying make particles ring-shaped but the Particles take a long time to appear

So iam trying making particles ring-shaped but for any reason the particles take a longgg time to appear

https://gyazo.com/992ed9f8c30520175325d0d49bc334ee (look on hands)

I dont know why that IS happening, that is the model https://www.roblox.com/library/5600142201/Signal

I tryed use :Emit() too but dont work.

Pretty sure it’s because of the lifetime you have set on the particles.

Lifetime is 5 minium and 5 maximun

So that is the problem? The lifetime 5,5 ?

You set the transparency to 1 up until Time=0.8, so since the lifetime is (5,5), it’ll take 4 seconds to start turning visible
I’m not sure how you want it to look, but you could try starting at Transparency=1, then changing to Transparency=0 at Time=0.1, then leaving it at Transparency=0 until Time=0.9, then changing to Transparency=1 at Time=1

I Just want a ring, a ring Particle.