I.C. Security Lobby Duty Handbook

I.C. Security Lobby Duty Handbook

(1.) When you are selected for the role of Lobby Duty make sure that you answer questions that trainees may have.

(2.) Do not mess around whilst are you a Lobby Duty. This includes: killing trainees without reason, insulting trainees, shooting the trainer or your LD partners, etc.

(3.) Do not let any trainee(s) keep stepping out of the line. You are to ensure organization.

(4.) You are not to participate in any events (unless the trainer has selected you for a role in the event, or you have been given permission), because your duty is to supervise the Lobby.

(5.) Avoid leaving the Lobby.

(6.) If you have to leave a training session, it is best to notify the trainer first.

(7.) If your tools (sword, railgun) haven’t been provided, or have been lost, notify the trainer immediately. Just please be patient and don’t keep repeating that to the trainer too many times.

(8.) Avoid dying.

(9.) If a trainee has been violating a rule on purpose and was told multiple times to stop (stepping out of line, spamming, jumping, etc.) please report it to the trainer.

(10.) Should you need to go AFK, notify the trainer.

Any complaints or questions about this guide are to be sent to enzo7632.