Ice Cream Models

Hey Developers! Today in under 1 hour I made all these ice cream models from blender+Studio. I want too know what your thoughts are on these.


Thank you for reading! :slight_smile:


That’s looking delicious as it’s appearance really looks similar to the flavors it’s representing.
I would really give your work some good commentary and because your models may be even used for ice cream simulator games and I really like the way you made your models because its almost looking a little bit realistic.

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Wow, looks delicious!

I’m not a fan of extreme colors (such as aqua & lime). I generally avoid these since they don’t look very natural. The cherry stems stick up 100% of the time. I would ‘droop’ them down a bit.

Great job on all of these, they look outstanding.

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Wow, these look amazing! I love the realistic look and colors you used. My one suggestion would be to off center the cherry a bit so it’s not exactly in the middle of the model. Other than that, they look great. Keep up the great work! :grin:

Nice and colorful I wish I can eat some of those right now.

That’s good, especially for 1 hour.