Iceberg | Community Handbook

Iceberg Hotels | Community Handbook :open_file_folder:

Introduction :wave:
Hello, and welcome to the official community handbook for Iceberg Hotels on Roblox! This handbook has been created by the Public Relations Department at Iceberg! All information in this handbook is for Iceberg.

Regulations :open_book:

  1. Encouraging/Creating Drama within the Iceberg Community is prohibited. Iceberg Hotels is considered a Drama Free Zone.
  2. Promoting/Sharing NSFW (18+) content is strictly prohibited. Iceberg Hotels is a friendly community and will remain that way.
  3. Swearing, being disrespectful to others is not permitted. Please respect everyone in our community especially our staff members.
  4. Violating Discord, Roblox, Iceberg ToS is prohibited.
  5. Utilize your common sense.

Contacts :phone:
At Iceberg, we have a Leadership Team that assists in running group operations. Without these individuals, Iceberg will not be able to function properly and professionally.

Being updated.

Departments :briefcase:
Here is a small overview of the Departments at Iceberg Hotels.

:handshake: Public Relations - The Public Relations Department handles all community events and affiliations within Iceberg Hotels. The Public Relations Department is currently directed by avussna

:clipboard: Employment - The Employment Department handles all related to the Staff Team. This includes how sessions work, reforms, and more! The Employment Department is currently directed by @vzpotter

Affiliations :handshake:
Want to ally with Iceberg? You’ve come to the right place! Simply click the arrow below to reveal information and requirements.

In order to become an affiliate with Iceberg Hotels, you are required to adhere to the following requirements. Exceptions will not be permitted until new requirements have been set in place.

  • Your Member Count (Roblox) must consist of at least 10,000 non-botted members.
  • Your Member Count (Discord) must consist of at least 250 humans. Discord Bots do not count.
  • Your Group must adhere Discord, and Roblox ToS.
  • Your Group cannot have a bad reputation within the business industry.
  • Military Groups, Non-Roleplay Groups will not be accepted as an affiliate.
  • Your Senior Rank Team must consist of members who have a clean reputation. Bad Reputations can include but not limited to; Scandellious Transactions (Scamming)
  • Your group cannot be a group that targets one person or any type of community. :rainbow_flag:

If you do not meet any of these requirements then: Unfortunately, we are unable to affiliate with you.

The Application is located here. (Google Forms)

Appeals :clipboard:
Were you issued a consequence wrongfully? Then you’ve come to the correct place! Welcome to Appeals!

In order to send an appeal, you have to utilize the template provided. You also have to send this template to a Senior Rank+. Senior Ranks are considered Discord Moderators/Administrators.

  • Username:
  • Ban Reason:
  • Moderator:
  • Date of Ban:
  • Why should we unban you?: