IceKing's Portfolio | Freelance Graphic Artist [CLOSED]

Hey! I’m IceKing and I’m a GFX Artist. I’ve been making GFX for around 8 months now.

Why choose me?

Well, there are many good reasons to choose me. My prices are very low compared to the rest of the market, with high quality as well! I accept three different payment options, and I will always try to give you the best of the best.

Commision sheet


Personal Artworks



Logos, Icons, PFP's




• Please note that I only have three open slots per week. You can request a slot to be booked for you if you want.

PFP's and Logos

PFP’s and Logos are:
• 300 RBX through either gamepass or groupfunds.
• $3 through paypal (or more, depending on your order)
• 1 Month Discord Nitro Classic


Thumbnails are:
• 600 RBX through either gamepass or groupfunds.
• $6 through paypal (or more, depending on your order)
• 1 Month Discord Nitro Classic


Ads are:
• 450 RBX through either gamepass or groupfunds.
• $4.50 through paypal (or more, depending on your order)
• 1 month Discord Nitro Classic

Other GFX

Upon ordering I will name a price for you.

Payment options are:

• Robux through Gamepasses or Groupfunds
*Most common payment method. Although I prefer you pay through USD, Robux is fine too.

• USD through PayPal
*Another common payment option which I recommend you use.

• Discord Nitro (Classic or Normal)
*Pretty self explanatory, you gift me Nitro and then I make the GFX for you. I accept this at any time.


On weekdays, I am usually available from 6PM BST, 12PM EST, 9AM PST and 3AM AEST onwards, albeit sometimes earlier than that.


On weekends, I am usually available form 10AM BST, 4AM EST, 1AM PST and 7PM AEST onwards, unless specified otherwise.

Holidays or Lockdowns

On holidays, I am usually available all day unless specified otherwise. On lockdowns, I am only available from 4PM BST, 11AM EST, 8PM PST and 2AM AEST onward.

You can contact me through Dizzy at IceKing1x#6969. I do not use other social medias to handle orders.

Thank you for reading my portfolio, I hope to work with you soon!


I don’t have dizzy but I will hire you for a thumbnail robux=90r$
Friend me on roblox

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Do you have instagram? or twitter? i’d prefer to use that, but i sent u a request anyways, user is iceking_gfx

K thanks I will accept it (obviously)

So You will send me the photo on discord right?


(this is for character limit)

IceKing was able to get my order done very quickly, and I’m highly impressed with what he can do! :slightly_smiling_face: I recommend messaging him for your gfx needs.

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Great Portfolio and artwork! Just one spelling mistake under USD in Payment you said “reccomend” instead of “recommend” other then that great, good luck with future commissions.

Thank you for the feedback! :slight_smile:

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No problem! Btw your art looks amazing! :relieved:

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I ordered a logo for my obby game, as well as a render for the thumbnails that I created.

IceKing had great communication skills and knew what to ask questions about, and the final GFX that I received were of great quality and exactly what I wanted. His pricing was very good aswell, and I would recommend ordering GFX from him for whatever your needs are.


Commisions still open! Dm on Discord (IceKing1x#6969) to order. :slight_smile:

Hello, still for hire? Your discord seems to be invalid.

My tag was updated when my nitro ran out, it’s now IceKing1x#0934, and no, commisions are closed atm

Here’s a tip: when showcasing your work, I’d slap a big watermark with whatever you want right in the middle because anyone could just download that image, crop it and hey presto! Free GFX!

I don’t mind if people use my art as long as I get credited lol, but yeah I see where youre coming from

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