Icon for a nuke gamepass/dev product

Hello everyone, I’ve made an icon for nuke gamepass/dev product! I’m really happy with how it turned out considering the fact that it took me a few hours to make and I’m not the best at designing.
I would love to hear feedback and tips if you got any!


I really like the GFX and general style of it! :+1: The only points I have are based on positioning and sizes of elements in the image.

  • The icons for gamepasses are circular, so the following image is how it will look in the game’s store. Hence, I think all foreground components of the image should be slightly more centred (the nuke and the noobs running) or there is a lot of empty space present.

  • The nuke is somewhat small compared to the rest of the components of the image, it will be more eye-catching if the nuke is a little more prevalent in size.

The nuke’s colouring is also a tiny bit dull, but this is less important and more preference for me.
Best of luck with development :+1:


The icon is good, for a game icon.

For a gamepass/dev product it isn’t the best, as the focus is everywhere and not centered.

Adding on, the nuke doesn’t scream nuke, it just looks like a generic missile.

When someone says nuke, I can say with little doubt that this is the first image that comes to mind:

For gamepasses, I’d have the focus of the gamepass in it and nothing else.
Look at ER:LC for example:

Note the lack of characters in gamepasses unrelated to tools/jobs.
Also, the simple backgrounds on the icons, too.

tl;dr for a gamepass, theres too much detail and too much stuff going on, with no center focus, and the nuke looks more like an average missile.


Hey, i saw your feedback, thanks for it and i did change it a little bit, here’s the new one if you wanna see it
it looks better in-game as a dev product… but I think its good enough since I’m not the best at designing.
Thanks again!