Icons for my games

So, I recently made Icons for my two current games, and I wanted to see if they were ‘good.’ Here they are:
BB Icon
RBG Icon
What do you guys think? Are they too basic, just right for what they are, or something else?

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I have to be honest with you they are not very good. I am not trying to be mean or anything but they do not look well made and look like it was made in about 5-10 minutes. There is just not much to them really. I do like the bottom bit that you can find below because it does look good and with a little bit more effort I think that could look good. The top one I really just don’t think looks good at all. Not trying to be mean or anything just wanted you to know so you can improve in the future. Just keep on practicing and you will get better :smile:

The part that could be improved and would look good.


Thanks. I was trying to make them simplistic.
For reference, the top image uses the ‘mascot’ of the game, seen on the far left here (outdated image, but it still works).


Did you make the things on the picture? I like the acorn thing lots.

Yes, these are all in-game and made by me.

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Here’s a new image I just took- I updated them and added a few more things.

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The updates are old, the image is new. Sorry.

Why not try exporting these as .obj files and creating a 3D icon using blender? It might give you some better results, especially as these models look really well made and will attract people to your game.

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I don’t have Blender, and I don’t know how to use it. However, I will look into using the models in the icon.

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Here, I retouched a cropped-out model and added it to a contrasting background.

BB Icon 2

The outline effect in the background wasn’t actually intended- I had to resize the whole image, so I filled in the original Flytrap (which got stretched) and pasted the smaller Flytrap in.