Icyvoid Event Information

Icyvoid Event Information

Our group will host an event at least once a week. All events will be scheduled prior to them being hosted, and will be announced to everyone in our events channel. Events can only be scheduled by group admins (Junior Dev +).
There are 2 major categories for events in the group:

Regular Events

Regular events can be scheduled and hosted by users who are admins in the group (Junior Dev +)
These events can be scheduled at a minimum of 1 hour before the event is to be hosted. When one of these events are being hosted, @here will be used.
Types of regular events hosted in the group include, but are not limited to:

  • Gamenight Events
  • Icyvoid Game Events
  • Testing Events
  • Lore Events

Mega Events

Mega events are large and important events, scheduled at least once a year. Such events are rare, and can only be scheduled or hosted by users who are bureaucrats. (see: IcyVoid Rank Information) Mega events will be scheduled at least 1 week before the event is hosted. These events will typically be hosted once every few months.

Types of mega-events hosted in the group include, but are not limited to:

  • Seasonal Lore Finales
  • Icyvoid Yearly Anniversary Events
  • Icyvoid Tournaments

This post will be updated in case of any changes to the way group events work.