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:hammer_and_wrench:Hello! I am IcyXue, and I specialize in building. Here are some things about me! :hammer_and_wrench:
-I am 15, and my birthday is in March!
-I like music, along with playing the piano and saxophone! My favorite genres of music are K-Pop (My favorites are Twice and Loona! DM me on discord to talk about Kpop, I’d love to!), Jazz, and sometimes Classical.
-I’m very interested in Asian culture, especially Japanese culture! (I plan to travel to Japan in my life!)
-I love to develop and build on the Roblox platform, and I have been with Roblox for 5 years!
-I like to play golf, volleyball, and badminton!
-I love to play rhythm games! (Robeats, Project DIVA, Osu!)
-I’m a friendly person, and I love to talk to people with the same interests with me!

:desktop_computer: I use Roblox Studio, along with Blender to create my builds. I have more experience with Studio, but I still have experience with Blender. I’ve had 2+ experience with building. My builds can range from Low-Poly, to a Realistic design. :desktop_computer:

I do spend a lot of time working on my builds, and I try to learn something new and grow in my skill from each one! ~ Detail is key!

My builds will be shuffled and arranged as time goes on, so if you want to see my older works, just DM me!

🎃Low-Poly Halloween Themed House 🎃

🏡Modern Colonial Style House 🏡

🏙️Italian Street Build 🏙️

:money_with_wings:Prices are negotiable. I accept either price per asset or short term project payment. My preferred payment method is Robux (as of now). :money_with_wings:
Asset = Depends on the detail and effort put forth into the asset.
Short Term Project = Negotiable (Preferably 1K+)
I do not currently accept payment through shirts
~ Please have the robux available before I take on your commission and create the asset.~

:star:You can contact me on Discord at IcyXue#5473 by DM! :star:

(I’d love to talk to you about K-pop! :relieved:)

Thank you for checking out my portfolio! Have a nice day! :heartpulse:


Your builds are realllllllllly nice man keep it up!

Bro how like im interested in japan and stuff.

K-pop? BTS??? coooooooooooooooooooooooooooolllllll

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Thank you so much! I’ve been a Kpop Stan for 2 years but I’m just now starting to get into BTS :sweat_smile: embarrassing…

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hi i have a job for 2500 robux

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