I'd appreciate some feedback regarding my UI design

I made this design for a clan module I plan on releasing as a public resource. Iā€™d appreciate some feedback on the UI design of the setup process

Thanks in advance :pray:


Love it! The only complaint is it needs a dark mode lol. Lightmode is scary :3


I agree with FroDev, Its too bright. Also, it looks a bit uncanny(too much like roblox in a way, idk if thats what you were going for).You could maybe mess around with the UI and get rid of some of the uncessary space within the UI, that could possibly make it look a little more flowable. Its overall a good design, just a little too bright for most peoples liking, and a bit odd looking.

This UI design looks very good! Nice job on it! Add a dark mode option though if possible.

Looks great, love it! Nice effect.