I'd like some feedback on this area build

OK SOOOO,I made this because I realised I never actually build things from our current time,so I gave it a try. I’d love some feedback and ideas to improve this. (Also for context,this is just for a pic from this one angle)

Thaaanks in advaaance! :innocent:


This was actually pretty decent not gonna lie but you can still improve keep on practicing and I believe you can do better than a wise person once told me “Whatever you believe you can achieve” just remember that and you will get there one day :smiley:

This is very creative but bland. The architecture on the building looks fantastic. However, I would suggest making the building a gray shade, or even a beige color to compliment the environment you’ve created. I also spot a few free models. You should credit those creators or note that not all is built by you in the future, to avoid any future issues. I like the sunrise/sunset, but to make it more realistic I would add fog, or hue the saturation, seems a little too dim for the time.
Overall, good work Holy! You’re very creative and I admire that you step out of your typical building style to try new things!

Oh dw there are no free models in there,made it all myself and imma try to look into fog,I just discovered like bloom and stuff whilst making this build
(also what freemodels do you think ur seeing,would like to know)

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