I'd like some feedback on this concept that I have for an open world game

Hello. I’d like to request some feedback for a concept that I have come up with for a game I’m hoping on making. Allow me to share my ideas below:

Players travel in an open world called Elden, taking on the role of a traveler of which the player has created. Each player gets to select from a wide variety of stories instead of having the game be based around one central story. This does essentially mean that each player may have a different experience than another player, and I, personally, like this idea.

However, other players can join another player’s group, allowing them to take part in their story as well. I don’t want the player to be left out in their story, so my idea is to give this feeling of immersion. For example, if the player is with a friend, a NPC will ask who this other person is.

I plan on having dialogue and other things as well, and the player can respond back in a variety of ways. Thoughts?


Too much work for too little payoff. It would be easier to just give players the tools to make their own stories such as factions, trading, territory, etc. because player to player interaction will always be more ‘human’ than any story a developer can write.

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Can you show me some pictures of the game so I can give you my feedback on the game?

I feel like this would be a great RPG style game, but on Roblox? Not entirely sure it would work unless you found a really active and supportive player base for example, Booga Booga’s player base which are very dedicated.

It would be a very large scope and take a lot of time, effort, robux and advertising but if you are capable then I say go for it!

How diverse are your stories expected to be? It seems at one moment there’s just a lot of different quest lines that you can take up, but on the other hand it sounds as though you have an idea of making story building very arbitrary in game such that no two players will have, necessarily, the same story even if it’s loosely similar.

Sounds like a good idea but fairly ambitious, especially if you are unfamiliar with this kind of thing. I would recommend starting small and branching outward. There are many different types of starting points and variants of story games that you can pursue before cracking out the open world experience. Examples:

  • Single story; one concrete way to play the game through and through
  • Linear story with sidequests; complete some stuff on the side to gain more rewards or to unlock parts of the main story
  • Linear story with branching choices; change the story up a bit based on player choices, possibly also affecting the ending

Worth thinking about.


Making one story in a roleplay game can take forever. Making 2 or more might take a year or more, and I am not exaggerating. I suggest making 1 story and have side stories or just all side stories. If you are set on having multiple stories then just make 1 and if it does well, hire more devs to help you so you can make more at a more reasonable rate.