[IDEA] Driving Legends

About the game

Driving Legends is a car racing game. The idea is like Asphalt 9. You start off with a Chevy Camaro. You can then join races to gain coins and level exp. Once you have enough coins you can buy different card packs which help you get different parts of the car on the card (parts like Engine, Car Body, Head Lights, Tires, etc). Once you’ve gotten all the parts you can transform the parts into the car. You can the drive the car you choose and play more races. There will also be exclusive items for Robux. When you’ve won the race (1st, 2nd, 3rd) then your Roblox character gets put on the standing. And you can change your racing name. How cool is that! We will also include some weekly/monthly events. And the winner will get a “couple” of coins. Also, if you get duplicate car parts, you can upgrade that car to have 2 stars. The car will transform in speed, nitro and much more!


Should we change the game idea? Should we change some things? We would like your thoughts about the game.


What sort of circuits will the races be run on?

Thats awesome idea! I love car games and i would really like to play game like this! But remember, good chassis is always first thing you should work on in car games. Also will game be low-poly or like realistic?

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The type of builds will be Low- Poly.