Idea For A New Game

I’ll just keep it short and simple I need idea for a new game and I’m not the best at coming up with original ideas so I’m asking for help here. Please respond with some game ideas, Thanks!


Make a proper building simulator, somthing like Construction Simulator


Sit somewhere where you cannot be distracted and get rid of anything that can distract you and get bored. When you’re bored, you usually daydream and your brain becomes crazy with ideas. Do that and you could come up with some unique game ideas.

It’s pointless to be asking other people for game ideas. More importantly, make a game about what you want so you’re less likely to quit making the game.


War games are really fun like “trenches” or “Operation overlord”
you can try making one

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Play some games that you love and think about what you’d like to play, then create something based on your ideas. That helps me sometimes


Boredom is the best method for creativity. That is why you randomly know how to solve problems in the shower or when your in bed trying to fall asleep.

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I don’t know how but I did do what you said and I actually got a good game idea. Although it was hard to not get distracted.

make a game where you play as a pyromaniac where you can destroy people with fire, so basically like fighting fire with fire

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