Idea for my game

Hello! I made a release of my game! ( Easter Eggs Hunt Simulator - Roblox ) But I have no more ideas to improme my game. Please try my game to give me suggetions and ideas to make players want to play my game more.


Heres some ideas:

Make your game stand out. You can do this in a variety of ways.

Make a cool thumbnail. Theres nothing wrong with the one you have but it could be better and more eye catching.)

Add a variety of eggs, not just talking about colors but also the shape of the eggs themselves. Maybe have eggs that reference popular culture.

Advertisements if you have the robux.

Bigger map/ other worlds you can travel to and collect eggs that are specific to that map/world

make collecting eggs a challenge, you can do this by making the player go through obbys or solve a puzzle to get an egg thats unique from the others. This will make the player feel rewarded and motivates them to keep playing.

make the shops easier to get into, its weirdly shaped and looks like you cant fit inside the shops.

I could go on but your imagination and creativy is the limit. Push yourself and struggle to make the game better. I promise youll end up with a game you will feel you did a good job on and youll learn new things to make your next games even better!

There are already other egg shapes but this eggs are legendary. There are also 3 worlds. I would like add event but I prefer wait to have at minimum 10 - 15 players at the same time.

Here will be my wonderful ideas for your hardworked place! Either one of my ideas wont be possible, I will try all my best to make it as possible.

  • Improve the wellness and positions of the UIs, there is a plugin that helps you resize the UI well for it to become more professional, and it looks a lot of more good in every Device used by players, Ive forgotten the plugin however the UIs such are the Frames and Text/ Buttons arent positioned well, its like really big and some of it cant be read as its too big to fit on every devices screen.

  • Prefer creating Tutorials for players, such are the games BGS Introduction GUI when youve joined for the first time, this can be really helpful for beginner players to play the game.

  • Creating Social Medias for lovely updates for the game. Such media, as Twitter or others can be the best usage to communicate with other members. This can also be used, for the update logs or other related information from your game.

Thank for the idea but I have two questions about the Gui

  • How to detect automatically if the player play on mobile?
  • And how where I can find the plugin?
  • I have no idea how to detect a player is playing on mobile, however, I believe there are some tutorials in Developer Forum, or out there.

  • I have also no idea where the plugin came, as Ive forgotten it, but if youve searched on Developer Forum you might see some UI Plugins, it can definitely help you.