Idea for Roblox API

I really like the idea of ”bots” as discord has. There should be simple APIs that are easy to use for most people.

The bot system

I do think a bot system like discord would be good. I do not think the bot should have a picture as I see it as unnecessary and that would be more work for Roblox to implement. We can keep it simple with just a name and a description. Make restrictions as mentioned, this could be email, age or account age. If wanted you could have manual approval with an application and ratelimits.

We could have an invitation system for bots like discord has. Click the link and select the group you want then click add. This means we need both a key for the invite URL (like a user id for the bot) and the key the developer would use.

The APIs I think should be added to the system.

This was things I came up with quickly, will add more when I think of them. Please come with feedback and API suggestions.


Arguments: groupid
Returns: member count, pending sales, group funds, shout, etc


Arguments: groupid
Returns: all ranks in the group

Set Rank

Arguments: groupid, userid, rankid
Returns: error/success

Check Permissions

Arguments: groupid
Returns: permissions in a group (can be used to identify if the bot can do the action or if it’s in the group)


Arguments: groupid, message
Returns: success/error

Direct Message

Arguments: userid, message
Returns: success/error


Arguments: groupid, userid
Returns: success/error

Groupwall Post

Arguments: groupid, message
Returns: success/error

This is the incorrect category for this kind of post. If you have API suggestions, they should go in #platform-feedback:web-features as they are technically Web APIs. If you find you cannot post in that category, please read the New Member FAQ on what you should do.

Pretty sure most (if not all) of the APIs you suggested already exist through the web endpoints? Am I missing what you’re asking?

Firstly I posted in the wrong category (my fault)
Were already talking with someone to move it for me.

If this system is added I want the old apis to be removed as the new system would be the one to use. Therefor I listed all apis I want the new system to have implemented and didn’t think about if we already have them.

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