Idea on Artillery system

So basically I’m working on a war game and I recently have been interested in creating a artillery system that has a part for a hitbox, then game will include a drone system where you can mark an area and enter the x and y axis of where to hit (the x and y axis of this hitbox part) wherever it is selected the artillery model will aim and fire, making a delayed explosion wherever the artillery is aimed. Would this work?

Probably, only thing you also need to define the Z coordinate if it’s 3D, but theoretically it will work

Also love thsi to #help-and-feedback:game-design-support

if it works it works :raised_hands:

in all seriousness, I do not see a problem with this.

you don’t need to define the Z coordinate… it’s an artillery shell…

Sorry it’s just that I’m not an expert, but from what I know you have to insert all of the tree, unless it simply gets it from the top, which su what I think it’s doing?
Even thought in that case you would have to use the X and Z axis, as the Y is how high soemthgin is, I might be wrong tho…

Yeah, especially if it’s targeting somewhere with High Terrains is when Z coordinates would be used, am I right?

yes, correct but I’d find it more efficient to use something like Raycast instead of making it exact since I find fewer problems.

Yes you’re right, but also what @iotalua said it’s right

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