Idea on how to make realistic trees

Hi, I am planning to make a showcase and I want to make some Realistic trees but I have no idea how I tried to look for a tutorial and did not find anything, where did you learn to make Realistic Trees?

P.S Not sure this really Belongs here and also tell me where this Belongs.


Perhaps you should rename this thread to something along the lines of “Idea on how to make realistic trees” as the current one eludes to you having a tutorial for people to use.

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True it did sound like that, Thanks!

somebody just upload tutorial about that, if i help you bookmark this post and mark my comment as sloved.
link to tutorial:


But will it work on Roblox Studio?

yes is should work on studio. just export and import that

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If you haven’t found out already, that particular method would not completely work in studio. As far as I am aware the best method would be to use planes for the leaves/small branches. Import that into studio, make them transparent and then place decals on them. You cannot use alpha channels (transparency) in Roblox.

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Ah okay thanks! A video in particular?

I don’t believe there is a video for Roblox specifically. If you are not that experienced with texturing, start by finding a good trunk texture, I suggest here:

You only want the base color or “Diffuse” as it’s otherwise known as. Unless you are comfortable with nodes and baking.

As for the leaves just create some planes, deform them a bit so they are not flat, this will give the leaves a more 3d appearance, find a decent PNG and use it as a decal in studio to put on the planes. I believe that is generally the way to make “realistic” trees in studio.


Thanks for giving me a little tutorial

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