Idea on my game

I will do these every week or every fortnight. I take all of these requests to make my game better.
I have some questions for you guys.

  1. Would you come back to the game?
  2. Is the game addicting?
  3. Are there any bugs? (Lag, spaces between blocks, etc)
  4. If you came back, when would you next play? (Skip if you wouldn’t come back)
  5. Is the game good or bad? Rate it out of 10.

If you have any extra stuff you would like me to add please tell me.

Link to obby: Link to game: Super Fun Obby - Roblox

Well, you could post screenshots of your builds and post in #help-and-feedback:building-support and people could help you, or you could wait and people will reply here and help you with your game!

I could give my two cents on your game if you would like me to, since you linda freaked out at the first piece of feedback I gave you. :confused:


Well I would suggest you keep practicing and come back when you have the game somewhat done (maybe in a month or two) :blush:


First of all, some overall comments. The game looks like it was thrown together in about 20 minutes, and appears heavily free modeled. When you fall, you have to wait 5-10 seconds for your character to “oof” before you can try again. Data does not save. Parts have gaps and are inconsistently spaced.

I would not, as it has no replayability value whatsoever. You do not have any datastores set up, the UI is basic and doesn’t always function, and there are many bugs and glitches.

I do not find it addicting at all.

Yep. My stage on the leaderboard stopped locked at 2 and I could not get it to increase at all. The UI also doesn’t work all of the time.

I would give it a 2-3.

Sorry if this seemed a bit harsh. I am giving you some honest feedback on your obby.

Here are some facts: I am bad at building and “20” minutes please change that to 1 week

And also, the only free models were the spinners and the vending machine

This obby is just like other obbies if u want people to play the game i suggest you to do something creative with it

I deleted the game due to getting hacked. Please stop giving me feed on this game.