Ideas and suggestions for a survival game with an isometric camera

I was very inspired by the game Dead Zone (From DeadZoneZackZak), and I came up with the idea to create a survival game with some special features.

At the moment, very little is ready, I turned to the forum in order to find out if this is a good idea, listen to your suggestions and ideas, etc.

It’s ready for now:

  1. Character movement
  2. Visualization of clothes/objects in hand
  3. Shooting
    And a lot of little things…

A quick question, do you like the idea? Can the gameplay with an isometric camera be combined with the genre of “Survival”? Is it worth continuing

  • Yes, I would play such a game
  • No, an isometric camera is a bad option

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Game: Untitled Game - Roblox


TAB - Inventory

1,2,3,4 - Equip tools

Cool game but it has many bugs.

First of all as you can see you forgot to make a part invisible.

And the fact that everything is in russian just sucks. It overall makes the move go from a 7/10 to a 4/10 because of the lack of understanding. With that the guns seem to do no damage at all. I played with you I suppose and it did 0 damage.

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even the most basic mechanics are not ready, I just want to share the idea, because I doubt the idea of the game, I want to know the opinion of people. thx for reply

I see, well I gave you my opinions then. I would suggest that when you release the demos then translate everything to english for other people to properly understand what’s going on. The concept of the game is good though, I haven’t seen much games like this so concept wise I’d say a 10/10!

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