Ideas for a more interesting skill level system

Hello! So… i am working on a project in a magical world. Its game play is based in a wizard empire. And the magic game play is the primary thing. Every spell is attributed to 1 or more of the 5 mysticism’s-- the 5 categories of spell craft that make up witchcraft and wizardry. Sorcery, Druidry, Psychic, Imagineet, and necromancy.

Each have different magical properties, and depending on your mastery of one of the five mystic isms, and casting a spell applied to that mysticism, it will give bonus’s to that spell. Damage bonus’s. As you level up you receive mystic points, and can add to whatever mystic isms you want.

My goal is to make the application of the use of these mysticism’s a little bit more comprehensive, and special, and overall more interesting, as well as they way you become more masterful with that particular art.

As you play the game and learn and practice spells, you do have to practice spells to master them and get better at them as to avoid failing the spell in combat. There are several layers to leveling in this game:

Base Level (Or what rate wizard or witch you are): increases your energy level, and resistance and health.

Spell Mastery (The level of the spell): when first learning a spell, it is half as powerful than when you are a master at it, and you have a 50% chance of failing the spell. This percentage decreases as you gain more experience in the spell, as well as the effect output increases.

Mysticism’s: Adds damage or effect bonus’s to spells in the realm of that mysticism the more masterful you are with that mysticism. Gain a point to spend every level (I’d like ideas on other things than just damage bonus’s, and i’d like an alternative leveling system for the mysticism’s that’s more in line with the idea of the rest of the systems, practice and learn to become more masterful.)

There is a lot of lore in this game as the game is based off of a Novel series that I am writing, that is set in a mythos of my own devising. There is a lot of content plans in the game, and rival politics between witches and wizards who hail mastery to specific mysticism’s… and its an extremely important thing in context of lore in the game. The idea of mastering your own will of energy in game, and becoming more powerful, as well as having to practice the spells you learn is a comprehensive and fun, and interesting concept, and i’d like the mysticism’s to be as interesting, if not more, as it is the foundation of magic in the game.

And thoughts on how to improve the system?
Thanks! :slight_smile:



Possibly something like this:

If you don’t practice a spell for a certain period of time, your level decreases? Also sorry if this makes no sense I didn’t fully read through this, I am very tired.

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