IDEAS for a simulator game!

I am in need of roblox simulator ideas but my brain wont let me think! I already own a simulator but I want to make a simulator like no other, something that stands out with no other.

The map will be a normal simulator map.

Any ideas appreciated!

  1. Maybe try revamping an old simulator game.

  2. Try making a better title. Most simulators have generic words or famous names, for example like Tofuu or Diamond.

  3. Don’t put the word simulator. Most people are tired of the word simulator. They simply won’t try it.

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In my opinion, if you don’t have an idea and you need to ask other people I wouldn’t recommend creating a simulator.

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Try to make a simulator with an interesting new twist on the genre. I’d love to see new takes on the simulator game design, as they’ve begun to feature the same game mechanics with little to no variation.

If u want an original game don’t make a simulator, make an original concept. In my opinion, games, books, or movies shouldn’t NEED twists.

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This is why simulators got a negative impression in the first place, see

However, I’m not discouraging everyone to not make simulator games however, maybe make it from scratch, try making a simulator that everyone really appreciates, e.g. simulators that people would really enjoy, and start with your original content, revamping and or copying another simulator game and claiming it “inspired” by e.g. simulator, is not really making a good look for it.
Personally, I’d recommend a simulator that most kids would play, simulators that would inspire kids to like that, e.g. kids who like driving, maybe you should try driving simulator, however, that’s just an example, you should try getting what kids or your audience would really want, and maybe make a simulation out of it.
In all, I hope you do get what you desire for your simulation game.