Ideas for a Spaceship Game?

Hello, we are making currently a spaceship game, well we just started making it along with @groovyalex2 and we would really appreciate if you would to give us any ideas that you got in your mind please, we would greatly appreciate them!

  • We are trying to make it in a Sci-Fi/Futuristic Style.
  • It is going to be a Roleplay Game [RP]

Idea For Ideas

Some generic idea of mine for a RP sci-fi game would contain some space pirates, a space federation, rebellions and so on.

I could snatch a few ideas from:
FTL - Faster Than Light
SW - Star Wars

Simply remove the design elements that exists and observe the general things around them. Draw the connections.


Any space game should have advanced technology. I think this is even more true for a rp game. Maybe add special doors with scanners and maybe even some things that can go wrong inside the map like expoding ships or reactor meltdowns


If you want to know ideas to make a space game.

  • Building stuff, I wanna be able to build a nice base.
  • Fun & Unique ships, transport ships, fighter craft, bombers, tank carriers, spawn ships, I want memorable & ships.
  • Ground combat, fight over land as well as space sci-fi,

That’s all for making a Sci-Fi game like Operatik idea.

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I have a few ideas you could use for your game:

  • As this is a roleplay game you could give players a way they can earn or select different spaceship ranks. For example captain and engineer ect. Different ranks could give you access to different parts of the spaceship.

  • Maybe you could travel to different planets/places from the spaceship to explore. This would give the game a bigger feel instead of just being in the spaceship the whole time.

  • You could make rooms like an engineers room, main bridge, medical room and a main cargo room ect.


Spaceship Sci-Fi games I’ve played typically revolve around the mission of the crew, other species and planets that aren’t Earth. They’re less about the spaceship itself and it only serves as a means of transportation rather than anything major.

It depends on the topic of your game and what exactly you’re looking for. You’ve defined that you want a spaceship game but there is not much other thoughts that seem to have been generated.

Like any other game, a spaceship game is a game that requires a though process before you jump in. Think; is it about the ship, or something else?

Best of luck in your project.


We already are working on doors, but thanks for scanners and different events.

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Will do, thanks. I am a fan of Star Wars… kind of, so i know a lot of things that we can lend from there.

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This is the place where the spaceship will be positioned.

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Thanks, and to be honest, we plan to make it a fairly large project. We already figured out that we will have cars and inter floor elevators as method of transportation. Also i think that the planets will be accessible via a drop ship. So its kind of… making a universe.

This looks very nice, good luck with the project :slight_smile:

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Thank you. :smiley:
Will do our best.

It would be really cool if the character you play as is part robot, with gadgets attached to his body he can use. You could pay cash (do they still use cash in the future? :grin:) to get other gadgets. Some gadgets could be like extendable arms/legs, laser beams fro your fingers, etc.

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Hmm, interesting idea. We will try making a character customization GUI.

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A method I used for some of my previous ships means having the interior seperate to the exterior. This means the Players are able to pilot and freely move around from a seperate space. This also means that the interiors can be far more detailed.

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Hmm, interesting. We will look into that, thank you.

Here are a few key points that make up a spaceship game.

  • Roleplay items are definitely a must for such a game due to the majority (or all) of the player’s time being stuck inside of the spaceship itself. I’d recommend creating unique and interactive roleplay items that have a general sci-fi feel to them. However you distribute these items is up to you.

  • Roleplay functionalities on the spaceship itself are very important to ensure that every player can properly roleplay their duty on the vessel. Interactive consoles and other areas of the spaceship that can be interacted with are very important.

  • Roleplay elements can vary depending on what you actually want your spaceship game focused on (exploration or something), so making sure that you have those elements within your game can change the fun level of it quite fast. Roleplay elements such as certain GUI installments, armor system, weapon system, class system, job system, and much more are just a few examples of what you can do to make it a unique experience for every player.


Thank you, this was quite a lot of information. We will definitely make sure to add the points listed above. Thank you.

You could also check out the game EVE Online as it’s also a spaceship game and a very extensive one at that. It has many cool/different features implemented that I have never seen on Roblox, but don’t seem that hard to implement. Good luck with the game, and if you ever need something tested just shoot me a message :grin:.


Alright, thank you. And we sure will remember to DM you.

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