Ideas for a Tower Obby

:checkered_flag: Alright, so I’m making a Tower Obby game, but I’m not sure what I should add to make it different then other existing tower games.
(:lock: inspired by the tower of hell.)
I have almost everything done. (stage generation, framework)

I plan to make it chaotic, but make it possible at the same time.

  • Do I add things like rising lava? (rising lava, meteors, etc.)
  • More Modifiers?
  • Timed Modifers? (aka, small screen blur or inverted colors for [x] seconds.)

I’m having a couple of people building stages, what should I have them make once I’ve decided on extra things to add?

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That sounds like an awesome idea!
Also, maybe make like a system where you can have randomized modifiers and paid modifiers, to add a little hint of chaos!


make a Hard Mode, it tp people to modified versions of a tower that already exist but harder.

I’ll 100% be working on that right now, thanks!

I had that planned, but what would make it harder?

  • Harder Stages?
  • Longer Timed Modifers?

Less Time, modifiers in benefit of player (high jump etc) are less effective, if it’s about dodge lava, make the lava bigger, if it’s about jumps, make the parts smaller, multipliers of win, instead of 2x, 2.5x and other things like modifiers to damage the player appear randomly and other things.

Yeah, I had some ideas about adding things like that.

The most chaos you could possibly get is by having extra things in the air. I think it would be incredibly chaotic if you applied the rising lava idea and if you maybe had the tower frame rotating, and some particle fx that aren’t in your way but visible.

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What if you made some way for other players at the bottom to sabotage the other players nearer to the top! Making it harder for people to complete the obby. An example being, like you said meteors or even high winds. Who knows!
The idea sounds great though, continue with the idea!

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Why not make the tower infinite. So more of a leaderboard ‘How high can you climb’. If the courses take a little while to complete you can clone another stage in on the floor above before the player gets up there.

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