Ideas for a Tutorial Series on YouTube

Hey everyone!

I’m East98 and I’ve been developing on Roblox for a long time now. I taught myself how to script on Roblox around 2009. After years of working on smaller projects and whole game concepts, I’m very confident with my ability to program anything on Roblox. That being said, I’d like to start a YouTube series demonstrating approaches to different concepts such as Inventory systems, guns and projectiles, uses of Perlin Noise, etc.

I’d like to hear from you! What ideas or concepts are you potenitally interesting in seeing a video tutorial on? Drop ideas below and ‘Like’ comments from other users that you would also like to see.

What I am NOT looking for:

  • Whole game concepts
  • How-To’s related to asset creation using 3rd party applications (Blender, Photoshop, etc.)
  • Intros into scripting with Lua or debugging code that isn’t working (There are already some tutorial series on how to learn Lua on YouTube, but I may look into doing one of my own in the future)

Here’s a link to my channel (its currently very empty):
East98 - YouTube

Completed Tutorials:

  • [I will add videos here once they have been posted]

Tutorials in progress:

  • [Once reading through replies and finding one I will do, they will be added here]

How about discussing beginner questions? Such as:

  • How to develop a game concept / idea
  • How to make your game ‘take-off’
  • Common beginner development mistakes

Videos such as those would attract plenty of attention from both new and veteran developers.

Start with a Basic Group System?

So like with some Basic Gui n all that

  • Group Markers
  • Create
  • Invite
  • Leave