Ideas for big build?

First, If I got the wrong category, please just plainly tell me because this is my first topic. Second, I’m trying to make myself a portfolio and can’t think of a creation to start it off good, so yeah. If anyone has Ideas for me please tell me because I have school and not much time to think about what to build. Also please don’t attack me in the comments for anything, this is just supposed to be a simple questionnaire/Poll kinda thing, so yeah. I hope everyone has a great day and thanks for reading this! :smiley:

Here’s an idea:

Military facility complex, think as many part of the facility as possible, like the build I used to do ages ago.

Personaly I think a good idea for a big project is building a military complex like @Operatik mentioned above.
The SCPF genre is vast and has lots of creative designs.
If you need an added challenge on top of that try to go with a low-poly type of feel for the complex.

Excited to hear from you again or seeing any progress.

Check out the #public-collaboration:public-portfolios (and even #collaboration:portfolios if you can view it) to see what other people are making. Remember, knowledge width is usually more important than knowledge depth: ie, knowing a large variety of styles is more useful for commission-based work than having a deep knowledge of a single style.

Here’s my protfolio, for instance:

It depends if you wanna build a big project or a small one, for a small one I would suggest a big house and the big one could be a plaza or some sort.

Thanks for the great ideas guys, I’ll be building in no time!

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