Ideas for making a homestore?

So I know that this is similar to other posts, but any tips on making homestores? I can make the inside its just I can never figure out what to do on the outside. Once again I am new and I am sorry if I posted it in wrong area.


For me I use a R6 Rig as a size reference while building because it helps to check the height and size of things also, always make sure that you have detail in your builds which really makes it pop and use reference pictures for inspo. And lighting plays a big role because it can make your game look and feel nice and aesthetic in a way.

I wish you best of luck on building.


Thanks for reply, I will keep this in mind after my break from studio.


If you’re having trouble doing the exterior then I’d suggest picking a theme/time of year and creating something that fits that theme. You could even take inspiration from the type of clothes that you sell.

For example, if you sell trendy stuff you might consider doing a modern design with a neat spring/summer exterior.
If you did winter clothing then a winter theme would work well. If it was more rustic winter clothing then more a more cabin type build and exterior would be appropriate but if it’s more sleek designs then maybe a more modern type of building would work better.

Do you have a particular type of clothing that you’re interested in putting inside your homestore?

I just plan on making one so I can practice.

I highly recommend viewing some architectural images on Google and possibly visiting other homestores on ROBLOX for inspiration. Obviously you shouldn’t copy every single element that you see, but you can take elements from each structure, combine them, and create a whole new structure.

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Thank you, I am going to make a Homestore based off a boardwalk.