Ideas For My City Map

Hello devs! I am working on a coastal city map and I wanted to hear what characteristics you guys would want in a city map. please comment ideas, pictures from other creations, etc. my map is just terrain and one building right now. I will add pictures as this progresses. If you want pictures of its current state please comment, I’ll be happy to add some.



since it’s a coastal city try to add docks or fisherman or a bunch of boats maybe make some supply boats. Someone made a great youtube video on the art of city design.

I hope this post helps you with your city.

So other than coastal city, are you going for something realistic? Cartoon? What style are you looking at creating?

@kinkocat already asked some primer questions, but I want to ask a few more. Before building this map, remember considering population density, and location of the city, as a coastal build that would be based off an American city will probably vary greatly than one from any other country.

If you’re trying to go for that coastal feel, maybe throw in a few beaches, a lot of docks with boats, and some seafood restaurants as well, and this is in addition to the other norms you’d see in a city.

Well, I’m not exactly sure 100% what type of coastal city you are going for but typically in those types of city environments there are a lot of surf shops, construction, and plenty of places to eat in my experience. Along the coast of course I’d suggest adding regular things like piers, docks, boats and perhaps along the coastline you could have some lifeguard stands posted as well. Depending on what style you’re going for as well, think of the small details- things such as seagulls could certainly help boost you in the direction you’re going for.

Maybe add some store, library, park, skate park, museum. It would be very cool if you addd functionality to all of this too!

I wish you good luck on your future projects!:+1::smiley:

Since it’s a city, many detail can be added. Try not to limit your imagination. Don’t forget to build beautiful beaches!

In a coastal city, I think it’d be good to ask yourself what type it is. Is it a historic city with preservation sites or is it touristic with many cafés and surfboard and scuba gear hires.

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Cartoon / low poly type of build.

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