Ideas for my random game

im making a random game that rains some stuff from the sky, and i need some ideas of maps and models to add to it.


for the maps:

I will prefer classic maps and brickbattle maps (example: crossroads)

list of maps alreadly in the game:
Chaos Canyon
Glass Houses
Haunted Mansion
Sword Fight On The Heights

for the models:

i accept free models, but please send the link to it.

thank you!

Maybe use SFOTH? (Sword fight on the heights)
A good map to use would be The Town of Robloxia though.


Found a few bugs:

It’s really easy to survive when you are on one of these.

There aren’t any clear objectives besides survive - maybe add gears to buy/other fun things?

Also, can you die? Is it possible?

I discovered you can fall off the map to die.

Once you die though, you just respawn back in? I suggest doing rounds. Make it shorter/less time consuming to win.

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the game is currently on beta i plan on adding shop as you can see in the lobby, also i plan you adding modes and a mode that if you die you go back to the lobby and can spectate the others

Honestly, you should make a separate game version were thier is a infinite lives version due to the fact that most people after dying would probaly not like to just yk, die infinitely.

Floor is lava gamemode = pog

timer having a colen and looking like this? 0:00 = pog

I don’t feel like Im winning or losing, so what am I supposed to necessarily do, as I said, dying infinitely isn’t fun.

also, turn down he spooky scary skeletons music and other audio, my ears were bleeding.

i alreadly added modes and the floor is lava gamemode but maybe its a bad idea many maps dont have spawn locations in a high place and the entire game will be spawn killing you until it ends

Maybe you can attempt to make new parts to classic maps that fit in their environment, and make tall areas.

i stopped developing the game lol