Ideas for office area

I’ve been making an office type area and I have 2 questions

  1. I originally thought making a grass wall decoration would look nice but it didnt work out so well, so im wondering what else I could put there
  2. What could I put in the blank space in picture 3

glass instead of grass? It would look good.

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I can try that. Do you have any ideas for the empty space?

Which empty space are you talking about

For the blank space I’d make a living room with the upstairs balcony hanging over it.

you see in the 3rd picture theres no wall or anything

Ok, glass, a wall with employee of the month, idk

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For the grass, make it glass with a waterfall instead

a conference room , lobby and dont use toomuch glass

thats a genius idea im working on it now


Try putting a reception in the blank space in picture 3.

a living room in an office? im not sure

can it be improved?

I will also use the other ideas and add a lobby and conference room


Hanging ceiling lights would be nice, also add some plants/greenery and replace the grass with something else. You could add some tables, chairs, reception desk,… make the ground floor more of a lobby if you know what I mean.

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not really a living room but a break area with a couch and tv, or you could add a reception area/waiting room

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the grass wall could look good, play around with colouring and maybe some foliage or vines?

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