Ideas for short minigames

Im making a game, where there’s a gamemode of minigames, yep, but not one Minigame per round, there are short minigames (max 30 seconds), like 5-10 minigames for a round of 5 minutes approximated. Well, I have made some minigames:

  • Dodge some flying cars
  • Climb to the highest building/mountain to survive a tsunami
  • Cross the bridge and Dodge some stuff that the people is throwing
  • The floor becomes bouncy
  • The flooor is lava
  • Sword fight
  • Dodge the giant humanoid falling in the sky
  • Open the correct door to survive
  • Press the button, there’s a 50% of surviving
  • The baseplate is gone! Explore the island.

Those are the current minigames, and I want to make 30 in total, so I want some ideas of minigames, thanks for reading and I hope you help me :+1: :123:


Maybe add minigames that requires parkour like obbies.
Or you can add like get this object first to win or last one to get the object loses.

I will come up with more ideas later.

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By the sounds of it you want to rapid-fire minigames one after another?

If that’s the case, there’s a key challenge I think you need to keep in mind for these minigames. If they only last 30 seconds, you probably don’t want to waste too much of that time to let players process what they’ve just been dropped into, but you also don’t want to blindside a player with a cheap death they couldn’t be expected to react to.

Because of this I’d personally dismiss minigames like “dodge the x” and more generally make minigames that ask the player to do a thing to win instead of do a thing to not lose. These kinds of games might include foot races, obstacle courses, quizzes, etc. Anything that lets the player process what’s happening at their own pace. You could also make the initial part of the minigame a bit harder than the rest of it in order to slow down fast reacters.

You can also do games where reaction time isn’t much of a factor, like a hole in the wall style game where you have to be stood in a specific position by the time the timer hits zero, but players can hit eachother out of it.