Ideas for this place?

Hello everyone !
After a while I finally started to re-make “A room”, it’s an old place, and I want to make the whole room full of things from the floor to the ceiling. I’ve worked on it today and changed few things for now, so
I’m asking you ideas of what you think could be great in this room, not because I don’t have some, but I want to know, if you could put things what would it be ?

Thanks for reading.

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Very nice! My suggestion is to make it more detailed eg. Add textures rather than just Roblox textures, and add more small details such as a fan or something.

Adding more details you could make it into a brilliant showcase, perfect for a portfolio.

Keep up the great work mate!

I Personally think the build is looking pretty good. But it does lack a few details since you’re going for, which looks like an apartment room or a normal bedroom? Overall, I got some suggestions that you could try improving on your room.

I’d would suggest you try adding some proper decor to the ceiling so it could have a bit more detail to it and I would recommend you add some decorations to your room such as dressers, lamp, ceiling fan, desk, toys, ect. I would add some things on the floor so it won’t look to empty you could possibly add some books on the floor with some papers and trophy, plants, pictures standing on a wall shelve.

Another thing I recommend is try adding some decor on the walls since it’s quite plain I’d would suggest putting some clocks, tv, pictures, ect. Overall, it’s not that much to add to the walls since it’s quite filled up. Another useful addition that you should add is some curtains on the windows it would really make the room have a nice design to it.

You could possibly add some certain details on the floor small furniture, book shelves, and more.

Anyways, it’s looking great