Ideas for Useful UIs

Hey everyone! I am a Roblox developer that specializes in UI design and I am looking for ideas on open-source UIs to create for the Roblox developer community. Based on the replies so far here is a vote:

Based off the vote so far, feel free to take the admin panel

  • Admin Panel
  • Hand-To
  • UI Kit

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Maybe an admin panel?
Or maybe a create your own UI kit?


Maybe create a poll listing the UIs you’re thinking about creating and create the one the people vote the most(Just an idea)

I like @EpicCheatCodes idea of creating a UI kit.

Anyway good luck on your UI! :slightly_smiling_face:

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You should try a Hand-to UI.
Interested on how it turns out.

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The title is a little misleading. I was about to trooper over to tell you to post in #development-resources:community-resources but I see that your intention is to get ideas over releasing something for public use.

I think that you’re also looking for the phrase public domain, since open source refers to, well, the source being open. That’s typically only applicable towards programs. Nitpicky comment though so it doesn’t really matter. At the very least, I’d advise changing the title since it can be a bit clickbaity.

In general though, forum usage aside, let’s talk about your actual question. It’s hard to generate ideas for what kinds of interfaces to make for public sharing off the fly and a lot of the to-be responses on this thread will most likely be of things already done. As it is, the current responses already reflect that.

These repsonses, however, I like.

I’ve seen a lot of UI designers pitch for ideas on what kinds of UIs to make, but I think that’s a little too specific for a UI designer. If you’re looking to make your items public, the chances that a developer takes what you directly offer is very little. Most developers here are going to dissassemble or salvage what you give them. UI designs is one of the rare cases where being broad and vague is more effective than being specific.

Be unlike a majority of UI designers. Don’t make something specific. Make themed templates or a UI kit. Basic items that developers can modify and make their own UIs out of. A UI kit would be far more effective to publicise than a UI design of a specific asset. This gives you the ability to work with an open mind to what developers might use your designs for.

That’s the best gift a developer could ask for from a public UI designer: a kit to help them develop their own UIs. Consistent flowing UIs which all share the same aesthetic, rather than a single asset with a design that’s hard to break down and use elsewhere.


Yeah, I was going to redirect him to #development-resources:community-resources too. You should change the title of this post to something like “Looking for ideas to make some Open Source UI’s” or something like that.

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You should make some of the basic stylized UI components such as:

  • textfields
  • buttons
  • radio
  • checkbox
  • slider
  • switches
  • breadcrumbs
  • snackbars
  • dialogs
  • and a whole lot more (you can check out one of the React component libraries for more ideas)
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I agree with the kit idea.

Agree with this.

You should make a list of components used for building the UI

Then make variants:
Sharp Edged vs Rounded
Stand-alone vs Fitted (works adjacent to another for lists and such)
Mono-chromatic vs Poly-chromatic

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Make a hand to, I’m really interested to see it come out like @Jellojoshie05 said.

Yeah I only added the open-source part of the title because the title was not long enough. I’ll change it though, thank’s for pointing that out.

To Xuleos idea, you could also make a Roact version of your UI Kit, since I recently started making my UI with Roact instead of doing it by hand. Another idea would be to add Toasts or selections (You can choose between the given options, an example would be the HTML select class).

I was looking into that but I am not so knowledgeable when it comes to Roact. If anybody was interested in helping do this, I’d definitely be willing to collaborate with them to make this possible.

Roact makes your components easier to reuse, it’s nice.

Based off of all the great suggestions in replies, I have added a poll.

I’d like to see more people creating personalised walkthroughs of their experiences with UI in Roblox.

In addition, to help those who are inert with the interface: you could define each UI element, providing a scenario where the respective element would be used.

Hopefully you take this onboard. :slightly_smiling_face::+1:

I would personally love to see an Admin Panel. I find the designs appealing and the overall concept very useful.

Good luck creating the UI.:+1:

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Based off of the poll, I have created an admin panel. What does everyone think?
Feel free to take the model.

@UndecidedFactor in my opinion, I don’t think blue and red suits well with the other colours. Below is what I changed to the UI(photoshopped image, not Roblox studio).

Updated the admin panel! Thanks @Inspirre for the color scheme