Ideas on activities for my hotel game?

Hello, I am working on a hotel game.

And besides the hotel what are some activities players can do to not get bored and be able to do something other than just roleplaying.

Thanks in advance.


A pool, yard games, a bar/restaurant, and a lounge.

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Good Ideas! :slightly_smiling_face:

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I know a lot of hotels have water parks, maybe make a really amazing water park for your hotel.

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Fast answer that may be very helpful:

Activities: Swiming with a pool, campfire with friends, eating something in the bar, going to a lake with ducks, camping, surfing, tennis, going to the bathroom, any sport, running, spa, gym, recreative room and much! :heartpulse:

[QUESTION]: What’s the name of the hotel between, I’d like to go and visit!

I’d love to have a reply from you! :heartpulse:


You could give a heart instead of replying with good idea, just a friendly suggestion. c:

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Ah yes, there are really many examples of a hotel game features!

Here are some from me


  • Restaurants
  • A pool
  • Vehicles outside the hotel
  • Boomboxes or other gear gamepasses
  • Currency in-game
  • Sauna

Good luck on your hotel game! :tada: