Ideas on how to make guns look futuristic (NOT like they're out of a 2008 roblox game)

Any comments are welcome! Any ideas how NOT to make these star wars guns look like they’re out of a 2008 roblox game?

Edit: Just to clear things up, I am referring to all the guns in the picture

Try playing a bit with the colors, maybe add some neon.

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Good idea, I think that’ll help.

I suggest making some parts neon! It always gives a futuristic touch. White and blue neon also is a good option.

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Do not add neon, that’ll just make the gun look ugly and oversaturated. Star Wars blasters don’t really have neon on them anyway.

If you know how to model, maybe you can use Blender to make a mesh for the weapons. Alternatively, you could look up some reference images on Google to figure out if you can add more parts onto the weapon.

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Thanks, I’ll use your method and compare! Looking at reference images also helped

You should make some of the parts forcefield material, this would give the guns a futuristic look. Adding some attachments such as muzzle brakes and tactical flashlights would help as well.

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Add more colors to them. Neon parts, lighter parts, etc. Or even add some textures.

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star wars blasters don’t look futuristic though haha. They just have a cool architecture making it look like it’s not from earth. Neon doesn’t mean make it neon neon, just means like light blue.