Ideas on new kind of advertising/marketing?

Hey i finished working on a game a few days ago, and looking at making it a huge game.
Im looking for other ideas of advertising instead of plain advertisements & sponsoring it, since i don’t have a huge budget for this one i only have 9k left.
I already have an ad done that i’d consider “good” and pretty eye catching.

The game already gets some bit of organic traction and ~60 new players per day and a growing of returning players.

(the game used to have no returning users at all like 3 days ago)

The game needs lots of players playing all together because otherwise players will stay alone and just leave. (Even if the average playtime is 110 seconds, but only because there’s some funny things to explore as a prisoner in the game)

The game;

If anyone has a strong social media presence, i would love to contact you

You should definitely change your game name because its just way too long and complicated. Make it 3 or max. 4 words

The long name is only to rank higher in the search algorithm

That wont really work. People click games with short names, i wouldn’t know what your game is about so i wouldn’t click it.

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It may be doing the opposite from what you expect.
Check out the official article on Game Metadata, if shows best practices for game titling/description writing and you’re currently following the example of poor metadata, something it warns may demote your game in the algorithm.

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Nope, im getting far more result by including related keywords such as “escape” into the title. All my games had better search result when adding related keywords that players actually would type.

Nope, the title is only used to be in the search results. My game icon will do the rest since my target audience is young and that they tend to rely much more on the game icon/images.

Thanks for those who replied, i found what i needed. Im closing this