Ideas on what else I should add to map


I need some ideas on what else I should add to the map I got here. This is the spawn location part off the map. I need something to add on the other side of the road across from the houses and the opposite end from there bridge. So basically a rectangle map going as far as the road which is about 3 houses long. I also need some ideas on some fillers to put around the area.


you can add a park and a path to it at the center having a cool fountain and stuff, you can even add a roblox character at the top of the fountain

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I see that there are lots of keypoints to improve the map.

  • Extend the Tree branches and make the Tree itself arched [Give it a natural look by means].

  • Add Grass on the other side of the road. [Maybe include a Central Park with great looks and NPCs walking along.]

  • Improve the buildings exterior looks.

  • Add Texture to the Pavement.

  • Change Texture of the Border Walls.

  • Add Roaming Vehicles.

  • Give some space to the houses. [Atleast make alleyways]


In my opinion you’ve done a pretty nice job on the finished side of your map.
So good job with that. (:

My recommendation for the other side of your map would be to add:

  • a park (as someone else has already stated)
  • a walking pathway for exploration or looks (like a sidewalk)
  • some type of store (barber, connivence, grocery, ect.) - could be used with currency usage, monetization, or extra gameplay if needed

I can give more recommendations/ideas if needed but for now that’s all I can think of.

[Edit] - On top of that I believe for the first side of the street that you’ve made; a great improvement would be to slightly edit all the trees to make them more natural looking and less “copy and pasted” and rushed. In addition to this recolouring the roofs to make them look different and more fitting with the actual houses would be nice.