Ideas to improve retention on a themed obby?

As said in the title, do you have any ideas you can share with me that I can implement into my obby to help retention improve?

Day 1 retention 6.36%

Day 7 0.79%

I know it being an obby is hard to improve replayability factor but what would make you possibly want to replay an obby? Or keep coming back?

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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time trials, leaderboards, daily rotating challenges, dynamic levels, maybe some collectathon elements? I’d return to an obby if it wasn’t the same course as the last time I beat it
may help to link the experience btw


Trick them into buying items and they’ll play again. That’s what happened to me as a kid a few years ago in FE2.

A lot of obbys I have fun in are story obbys. so it would be cool to put a spin on that making a hard obby with a different unique story instead of just an escape _____ obby. another thing is to add lore so people will get invested in it.

Eh, storyline obbys tend to not have great replayability unfortunately, tried before…

Technically mine does have a storyline of some sort.

This is the game for anyone wondering

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I’d say make an obby that isn’t in a cartoony style and make it really realistic-ish and give it a different story instead of escape bank to give it a different twist. the reason these games aren’t doing too well is because they are all the same thing of basic cash grabs filled with alot of gamepasses

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ex camping games but more of an obby take

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Appreciate the feedback! However just for this instance trying to see if I can get ideas on improving this game’s retention.

when making a new game will def take all of your input into consideration.

Try to mix obby with gameplay and potentially role playing.
I’ve seen a prison obby like this.

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He’s trying to improve his current game not start over :sleepy:

About OPs question, I know a couple people that tend to join a obby game rage runner for 2 things. The first is to increase there streak, which isn’t limited to any number as they currently have 40+ days. The other one is making a shop that rotates, this way they will check every day in hopes of finding the good cosmetic in the shop that day. Very simple things that work like a charm!


Very interesting I’m more interested in games with big story’s but maybe that’s just me

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Do you think cosmetics and stuff like that would work in an obby though? Just asking

Totally! Just offer trails, pets, titles, people go crazy over these things :smiley:

Although its good for gaining money its not the best for long term and for the older player base.

Keeping track of how long it takes the player to complete the obby and keeping track of a leaderboard of player times. Players love to compete.

Only problem would be exploiters.