Ideas/suggestions on my airport

I need tips on what my airport should have. In the interior, maybe the layout should be different, but I dont know. Maybe I should make each building have different airlines, or keep it the same? Is there anything I can do on the exterior to make it look more modern, or realistic? Let me know. Also, if theres anything past this area (ex. security, lounges) you want me to add, just let me know. This isn’t complete, and its just the check in area.
Thank you!


Those hanging signs are a bit thick. Maybe make the supports thinner too. Baggage area looks emptier than the Check-in area. Maybe instead of the “Bag Check” area being in a corner, it spans across the entire wall like a conveyor? Add some more plants in better spots too.

A few things:

  • The walls have a lot of glass, so physically IRL there wouldn’t be enough structure to hold the roof up. Most airports with large open areas have internal pillars that support the roof.
  • Take a look at online pictures of airport terminal interiors.
  • Is this an international airport, or a small regional airport? Even smaller airports usually have designated road lanes at the passenger doors, and the doors are normally located in two places, Arrivals and Departures.
  • You should have a customs area and a security checkpoint station.
  • Areas for luggage dropoff at customs and as @Bubblegumboy29 said, a conveyor system for both that extends out of the room to baggage handling areas.
  • Bathrooms, office space, snack bar and other support systems for the people in the terminal. Even if they are just implied by having closed off areas with doors that don’t open.
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I agree with the hanging signs. For the baggage area, I was planning on putting more airlines there, just saving room, but I agree that I should add more conveyors there. Do you have any ideas on where to put the plants? Thanks for the tips!

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Yes, I do have a lot of glass, maybe I’ll add some more of those supports that you see on the front, to the sides and back. It is an international airport, but it meant to be small. It is not intended for large scale use and only has 1 or 2 runways (still deciding). As for customs and security checkpoints, I am basing the terminal system to a real life airport. You take a shuttle train to your terminal, and go through security there. As for the conveyors, yes I will plan on extending them towards a baggage handling area, and then a system from the aircraft to baggage claim. As for snack bars, office spaces, etc. I am planning on having them in the terminal. The terminal will have many shops, and different styles of lounges. Thank you for your feedback!

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I think a lot of things are a little too thick, aswell you should try a low poly building style instead of roblox studio. Low poly is a lot cleaner.


Agree with @BitsTrigger about the things being quite thick.

I would also suggest to experiment with the text fonts for something that’s more eye-catching, like the touch screen. Some custom backgrounds for the signs would be nice too.