Identifying and disabling detail reduction for semi-transparent meshes

  1. What do I want to achieve?
    I want to disable the detail reduction that is messing up my semi-transparent parts

  2. Description of issue (Including screenshots)

I have a few semi-transparent (Transparency set to 0.3) one sided mesh parts
These meshes sit in workspace, it seems to be the case that when the camera does not see enough (presumably the center) of the mesh it renders it in lower detail, I want to disable this reduction in detail and render it max detail anyways and am willing to take any performance hits for it.


Relevant Properties

Intended result

Issue caused by moving or rotating the camera unfavorably

‘Wireframe’ of Meshes for indicative purposes

  1. Attempted solutions
    I’ve tried to use the LOD setting for Models, to no avail
    I’ve set the RenderFidelity of all meshes to Precise, to no avail
    I’ve tried both studio and ingame, graphics settings to max but issue persists

Please let me know if you have any suggestions how to tackle this issue!
Kind regards, Toewi.


Likely a Roblox rendering bug.

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I can’t see any reduction in detail they look fine to me.

EDIT: Oh I see the mesh go’s weirdly grey and washed out wth?!

EDIT2: I didn’t mean to reply to you sorry.

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Yeah this is also my current conclusion, Im looking for ways to work around it but haven’t found any.

Try a few different SkyBoxes and also look at how they set up Lighting adds like Atmosphere, ColorCorrection, DepthOfField and Bloom.