Identifying what members of the forum can and can't do


I’m starting to see more topics about a user’s account, hacking, etc. rather than development. For instance, I’ve seen topics like “I’ve been hacked” , “I’ve been accused of XYZ” , “I’ve been having issues with person XYZ” , etc. just to name a few. I’d like to say something before I get to my proposal: members of the forum, whether you are a member, regular, editor, sage, etc., who are not a part of the Roblox support team can’t do anything about your issue relating to your account. I feel like this forum is no longer becoming related to development, mostly about account issues in a few categories like #development-discussion. This is what I am requesting:

Add onto the template at the top of each topic stating “Users of the forum who are not a part of Roblox cannot do anything related to your account, please contact Roblox support.”

If DET and/or DevRel could add this, this can help reduce many of the posts relating to those issues. I don’t understand why people think the forum is the place for needing help relating to your account or other people, but people do and I hope DET/DevRel can address that.

Thank you!


I’ve seen quite a few too, sometimes they annoy me a little, because although I understand their desperation, they can contact support instead of making an topic.


What I feel is that NEW members feel powerful with the ability to write posts and just feel famous by seeing something they wrote on a Developer Forum. I think they are ussualy underage or not mature enough to understand what is this Forum.

Rather that just adding this:

I would suggest to make the “Read the guidelines” badge a requirement to become a member. Probably some people will just scroll on the Guidelines page to get the badge, but some will actually take their time to read and eventually will reduce the amount of trashy topics.


That would be a good requirement but the part with adding that statement at the top is probably a good idea too in case users just scroll instead of reading the guidelines.

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Honestly, as a Member.

This is probably true ngl.

I did feel energetic and powerful when I made my first DevForum post, since it’s something not many can do. But I still followed the Forum Rules regardless and put some thought into my first posts.

Though younger members probably don’t have that self-control and just post whatever.

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I’m a member too. That’s why I specified NEW members, as they are less experienced.

@WooleyWool yes, i proposed that besides your request. Both would be helpful

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I feel that because there isn’t much guidance as there use to be, there is a lot more free roaming instead of their being people to guide new members.

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Oh…sorry about that.

I thought you were a Regular because of way you dressed your avatar, my mistake.

Anyway, to stay on topic…

I’m hoping we’ll see less off-topic posts from Members as the community grows older, at the moment the community is mostly children.

But in a few years i’m certain we’ll see less reckless behavior since most of Roblox will be teenagers by then.

But something should still be done about this reckless posting in the present, preventing Members from creating topics in categories like Discussion or Forum Feedback is a good enough solution.

It’ll prevent awful topics from being made but at the same time, Members will still have some freedom in those categories by still being allowed to post replies.

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Hey @WooleyWool, with the increasing accessibility of the forum over the past couple years and straightening out of the trust levels into just 2 layers, is this still a significant issue?


While I haven’t been on the forum in a while, I still see threads that are unrelated to development and asking for things that we can’t do anything about. I still do believe adding a disclaimer at the top, something along the lines of:

is a helpful reminder to all users to keep the conversations civil and get somewhere :slight_smile:


I’m a new member, I didn’t really expect much but more powers.

To clarify, you don’t get more "powers, whatever that means, when you join the DevForum.

The DevForum is a place to meet and get help from other Roblox Developers. It also where most updates are posted, so other devs can give feedback to them.

What I mean by powers is that you get more options on the devforum like to make discussions, make feedback, or write about something on a post.

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Ah ok. Well you can already do all that. Make sure to follow the rules though.

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In my opinion, the “New Member” trust level should return. This would lock topic creation in #development-discussion, #resources, etc to help tune down spam.

We will not be locking down the forum more than it is currently.

You can review this other reply where I put some justification for this and future steps:

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