Identity fraud esc. horror game

I’ve been bored this October, and I’ve also been playing more Identity Fraud. I wanna make a horror game that follows the style (mazes with puzzles and monsters).
I want some feedback (and maybe ideas?) on how I could add more horror and challenge to this game.

A* Pathfinding System by 32bitpc
Rich Text Module by Defaultio
(Waking up)

(The monster concept)

(Everything is to be changed.)


The UI and animations look like they’re going to be great! Yet, I think the builds could use some improvements. Hoping to see more!


Thank you for the feedback! I’ve been the one building so far, and I lack experience on that department, however this will also allow me to learn building more


ive never played identity fraud.

tell me about that game and yours. how will yours be different? what work do you have so far? what ideas do you have?

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Identity Fraud, in simple terms is a game about passing through the mazes throughout the game. There are monsters out there to stop you, all with some way of repel and survival. It also has puzzles for big parts of the game (For example, when you enter the final area (a boss fight) you have to solve a Morse code noise.) The monsters usually insta-kill (or do tick damage).

I’ve always adored the style of Identity Fraud

My game is meant to be a similar maze game, with its own roster of monsters, and when I think of them, more mechanics. This game can be refered to as a fangame of Identity Fraud. I want to make it different however, as it just being the same thing would be boring. I had concepts of “fake exits”, which are randomized and are determined by a note of paper in a (unknown) room. Opening a fake exit causes a monster (no design or name chosen yet) to run out and chase you for a select amount of time (30 seconds?? not decided) and the monster will give up, and begin running back. Anyone in his path will be hit for half of their health. He will have a clear indicator as he’s coming though, so unsuspecting people can dodge.

I’m still on the “whiteboard” phase, where I’m thinking this through.

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I recommend using more realistic textures and assets, but the animations look really good. I would also try and make the head bob up and down while the player is walking for a more realistic feel.

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it sounds like you should just make identity fraud then. you dont seem to have a different core gameplay idea.

Looks quite nice, however the building and lighting could perhaps use some work. I’m also glad that I’m not the only one who prefers the old mouse cursor.

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Like I said, I’m still on the whiteboard phase. I’m still thinking through everything to make this game unique.