Idk why my obby game is failing

After creating my game(Triple Jump obby) and spending a considerable amount of money on Development and Ui my game still ended up failing even though we invested our time on game mechanics and graphics and Ui I would really appreciate to get your points of views on this
heres the game [PC Edition Only] Triple Jump Obby - Roblox


Most Roblox players are on mobile, especially little kids who are most likely to play obby games


i think it’s because of the game icon and thumbnail

it is a good effort, but the appearance of it looks wrong and the lighting doesn’t match. im not an expert but i think you should try making the icon and thumbnail in digital art as most games do.


I think it’s safe to say that there are hundreds of thousands of obby games, most of them haven’t seen big success.

By limiting your obby to PC, you have limited your reach to ~30% already. And those users are less interested in the same kind of obbies, PC players have often bigger needs.

Think about the question “how will my game be different than others?” at every phase of development. “Better UI” is often not looked at, players need something that is fun and diverse.


So far 99.99% of devs told me the exact same thing and I feel so dissapointed that I didn’t think of the Mobile player base and knowing clearly that it’s way larger than the PC player base Thanks and I noted it well.


I have a question aside from the Mobile side can you advise me on any mechanics I can add to the game to make it more different to obbys and make players stick more?


Here are some overall reasons your game might be failing:

  1. The game has an un-unique mechanic. Many successful obbies have unique mechanics, for example in altitorture two players have to use a rope to climb up a mountain.

  2. Limiting your game to mobile can hurt a huge number of players that may join, taking account that around 80% of users are on mobile. Most obbies also rely on mainly mobile users.

  3. The logo and thumbnails are very mediocre and may not catch the player’s eye. I recommend making them more eye catching.

Advertising or sponsoring may help however I would not dump money into advertising as it has a massive failure rate, and instead I would improve the game itself first.


I had a play of your obby and have a few comments. Firstly I agree that you really need to have mobile players as they represent 75% of my player base. The game has a great style to it but it would be nice to see some sort of effect when I reach each stage, some simple particles and a GUI notification make it feel like I have achieved something.
Perhaps something you could add is little off shoots to collect pickups. A simple UI to x out of XX pickups collected would give a secondary goal to the game.
You could reach out to some of the smaller You Tubers who do obby vids, to reach a like minded audience. Without some form of advertising it is difficult to get a game anywhere now on the platform.
When I searched for your game by name, I was flooded with hundreds of other obby games, but not your title. Welcome to the broken Roblox search.


To be fair: Just because you, me or whoever spent “a Lot of time” it doesn’t mean anything in terms of “IT deserves to be good and played a lot”.

Please don’t take this as a front, but more as a lesson to keep on building and learning. Everyone of us invests a lot of time into their projects, but this alone doesn’t make a game skyrocket the charts.


I strongly agreed with 1 and 2 since I highly minimized Mobile players and I didnt really think of a good mechanic to add to the game so I just made triple jump.
for 3 lol the Ui’s were nice to my eyes but outside opinion counts I will take that into notice thank u

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When I meant the logos weren’t eye catching, I meant the logo and thumbnail itself, nothing ingame. Brighter colors usually attract the players eye to the logo and gives it a higher chance to be clicked.


I don’t know how to help the game overall, but one suggestion I have is to add a popup or something that tells you that you can double jump.

It took me like 2 minutes how to figure out how to do the first stage (Might be because I’m stupid, idk if anyone else experienced this)

EDIT: Oh shoot, the name was triple jump obby, my bad @ttignyemb