Idle and walk not a valid member of Part

Basically I just keep getting this strange thing in the output, let me know if you know what this issue is, thanks! Yes, they’re my animations before someone asks.

Looks like you’re showing us the wrong script. The error is coming from a different script and is showing you are using a lowercase “i” and “w” instead of the proper name’s capital.

When I touch the red error, it brings me to this line.

:Play() isn’t a valid member of the animation. You can only play an AnimationTrack. You must load it using :LoadAnimation() on an Animator object first.

local humanoid = ?
local animator = humanoid:FindFirstChild("Animator");

if (not animator) then
	animator ="Animator")
	animator.Parent = humanoid

local track = animator:LoadAnimation(touchPart.Idle)
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