Idle Animation does not wanna Loop

Hello !

So recently i had a Problem that still haunts me today, by no means i am experienced in
Animations / Scripting that much yet since i recently started.

My current Problem is that my Animation does not wanna Loop / repeat itself and returns into the Core Animation of Roblox the animation is R6 if that Matters. i will try Posting a Video of my Problem. Strangely i Noticed that the Animation stops playing as soon as a Certain Counter Animation starts Playing (Hands up and back) which u will see in the Further Video.

I Hope you guys can help me !
Thanks in Advance.

I use the Basic Copy Animate from Test (and put it into StarterCharacterScript)

I Made A Video How To Do It


Sadly now doesnt play the Animation at all. (Did Exactly like in tutorial)

Wanted to add on that as soon as i call it “NewAnimate” it does play the Animation but then returns to core animation.

can you add me on discord so i can help you Stylxus#9227

Alright i added you im AurumWrl#6694