Idle animation not playing upon player spawning

I’m trying to play around with changing player animations, be it on equipping a tool or just standing there and for some reason whenever the player spawns in the idle animation doesn’t play and only does so after the player walks forward then stops.

I grabbed the Animate script that is generated by ROBLOX when a player spawns in and just changed the animation IDs for idle. Is there something else I should be doing?

Anyone got any solution to this problem? Been trying a couple things even a local script that essentially destroys the animate script when the player spawns and replaces it with the new one.

In exact what way do you replace default Roblox animations?

i launched the game in test mode and went to my avatar in the workspace, i copied the Animate local script inside my avatar, exit out of testing and pasted it into my workspace. after that i just made my own animations and replaced the ids inside the script with my ids. then i put the localscript inside the folder player scripts character scripts and that worked for the most part, except when you first spawn in and the roblox default idle animation plays instead of my own. walking forward and stopping fixes this issue but i’d like to know how to make it so the player spawns with the idle animation already in effect

Anyone know how to fix this? I tried a bunch more solutions and even googled a bit but no answers.

Can ya show me the code?

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