Idle NPC Animation Help


Hi, My name is datcooldoge. I need help, I am currently trying to make animated idle NPCs for my game. However I always have the same issue with a sanitized ID. The game is apart of my group and all of the animations have been published to the group.
I always receive this same message:

This is the script that I am using and how I store it in my studio / workspace.


Help is greatly appreciated as this is a key feature in my game.

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Wait about 1 or 2 days, this was an old bug which was fixed but it seems that it is back for round 2, or 3 idk. Basically its due to roblox moderation. Roblox is trying to moderate your animation.


Yeah I just found out literally all of my animations for the past 3 weeks whenever I try to upload them are just instantly being moderated, their nothing explicit and very basic, like a barber cutting hair or someone taking photos :sob:

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