If a player rejoins can it match the old player instance?

Was wondering. If I saved the old player instance with playerRemoving(player) and then the player rejoins and I try to match it to the new player (example: NewPlayer == RemovingPlayer) will it be able to match? I was thinking they wouldn’t (I don’t want them to) but I am unsure.

Wouldn’t the Player Instance be removed once the Player leaves?

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If you store the Instance in, for example, a variable or array, it will still be accessible.

you can keep reference during player removing.

I do not believe so, because when an Instance is deleted, its Parent property gets locked (to nil). So, it doesn’t seem like that same Player would be retrieved and parented to the Players service. I have not tested this, though.

However, you can check if the UserIds are the same.

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