If exploiters delete objects in workspace on their end does the .Touched event not run for them?

My question is basically in the title, I know if an exploiter deletes something it only affects them but if they for example delete an obstacle in workspace on their end, will the .Touched event still fire in the server if on their end there is no obstacle but it is still there in the server? Or can exploiters not delete anything at all in the workspace?

This is only partially correct.

Roblox distributes the burden of reporting touches to the clients. If the client has deleted the part then it won’t report any touches for it, and the server won’t fire the event.


Hm do you know if there any way to make it so it still fires so exploiters can’t simply delete the obstacle and ruin the game?

If you’re talking about a collision between a character and an obstacle, each client always reports touches for their own character. Only the exploiter will be able to get past the obstacle.

This is why it’s so good to see you around here again.

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If exploiters delete an object, .Touched will not work. Outside of adding a bunch of unnecessary code to check positions between the player and objects on the server side, I don’t think there’s much that can be done about it.