If i finish this huge low-poly Terrain/Map how much shold it sell for?

Hello im making a low poly map that are very huge i would like to know how much would this sell for after it finish? i was just curious if it worth the time that i put in to it thanks!


ps.ps.ignore the normal terrain that collide with low poly terran i will remove that once it finished


I would’ve sold it for 600-1000R$ :slight_smile:

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Depends what it looks like when finished.


It really depends on what it looks like when it actually is finished. What you have shown so far is just simple generated terrain with overlaid 30-40 overlaid polygons. Not trying to be rude, but in the current state, I would pay nothing for it.


The thing about selling terrain is that the person your selling it to has to also need the terrain in the first place. Although your advertising it as “low poly” at the end of the day the layman would have no idea what that means - your selling him a piece of terrain.

The questions you should ask yourself:

  • Am I providing a service which someone can’t do for themselves?
  • How long did I spend on this and how complicated was it to achieve?
  • Do I plan to replicate this method?
  • Is it good value for money?

At the end of the day if your providing someone a service which they can’t provide themselves, the thing your providing is very good, you spent a fair amount of time on it, you can’t replicate what you did easily and it’s very exclusive then you could be asking from 1K - 10K depending on the size and quality and usage.

I would happily fork out 10K for a good terrain map which I can use and is large enough for my demand as well as situated to my scenario.

At the end of the day just value it at whatever you feel it’s worth as long as your not being ridiculous and be open to discussing the price with the buyer (but don’t let them take advantage of your work)


Alright your opinion really help i would try to make it a full map with detail and stuff thanks

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This is NOT FINISH i have said this many times in the post the finish map would be all low poly terrain similar to this

Here is link to the game that i got inspiration from Poly Fantasy [Showcase] - Roblox

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Personally I think you should continue it if you find it enjoyable, there’s no point creating a large map with no other purpose than selling for a profit. I’ve said it many times but rather make something that’s enjoyable rather than something that is made for profit because it won’t work out well in the pursuit of only profits.


from your standpoint, i would tell you to stop building, theres really no reason to, if its just for profit, you often see in simulators for example, that they were JUST created for the money, everything looks the same, the assets are half-baked, and its generally just copy-paste, other than that, you should wait until you have more than just a few hundred tri’s before you ask for “how much” or “how good is this”, since theres way too little there to be able to judge it

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